Friday, November 21, 2014

create a Milestone in MS Project 2013

Milestone is used to show key points in the project Production deployment date, customer Approval, Payment date etc.

- Milestone do not have any time duration that is duration column will always have 0

Steps to create a milestone.

1. First select the task where you want to create milestone. e.g. we want to create a milestone above        “Choose new location” task so just select “choose new location”.

2. Go to Task tab then in Insert Section click on Milestone.

Just type the name of the milestone let say “Project Scope Approved.”

We need to link this milestone to show that this task is achieved. e.g. if requirement is reviewed by management and they provide approval in that case “Requirement Approved milestone is approved.”

How to link two task , Please see my tomorrow's post.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Change Column Settings in MS Project 2013

We can change few column setting like we can show different title for a field name .

e.g. if a field name is Start date then we can show as Planned Start date or anything else.

Also we can align column header as well as we can align column data.

Also there is a Best fit option which change the column width as per data in the column .

To Apply all those above option , right click on column header and select “Field Settings”

Wrap text in a column
Let say your column width is very small however you want to show full text of that column in that case we can wrap text apply by just right clicking on the column heading and choose Wrap text.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Insert a column in MS Project 2013

Project comes with so many built in table but sometimes we want few columns that are not in those table or in that order that we want.

Hence We can add, remove or re arrange the columns directly in the table.

Also we can save our modified table as a new one so that we can reference at later stage .

The easiest way to add a column is to right click on one of the column header and select

Insert column.

There one another way is that go to right most column of the side

Here just type the 2-3 character in the Add column name and you will see a list column name matching

To rearrange columns you can simply drag and drop column .

Monday, November 17, 2014

Format tasks on the time line view in MS Project 2013

To format task on the time line view select the timeline and go to format tab

1. Display task as a callout instead of bar

2. Format the date of a timeline view task

3   Change the color, font, size etc. of a timeline view task

4. Remove task from timeline
Just select a task on time line and then click “Remove from timeline” from the Current selection group of Format tab.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Formatting Task(s) text in MS Project 2013

Scenario : to emphasis some tasks or make table more readable.
- You can either format individual task or group of tasks .
1. Let say you want to format all the critical tasks background orange.
Go to format tab -> Choose Text Styles
Initially dialg box set to change to All text and we have to just change for critical task
so change the "Item to change" to critical task. and then select background color to orange.
In this dialog box One cal also change
  • Font
  • Font style
  • Font Size
  • Font Color
  • underline text
  • Strike through.
That's it. Now click OK.
2. Change individual task formating
right click on a task , a pop up will appear , just select the font, style colors etc.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Add tasks to timeline view in MS Project 2013

Steps to adding a task to timeline view in MS Project 2013

If your timeline is not being displayed then

1. Go to View tab -> turn on timeline checkbox

2. Now before adding task to timeline highlight the timeline by clicking in the timeline area.

3. Go to format tab and click “existing tasks”

4. A new pop up come up, select task here which you want to show on the time line and click OK. 

We can also add multiple task in one go to the time line.
Just select the multiple tasks in the Gantt chart view and right click and then select "add to timeline"

Also adding a milestone is similar to adding a task however they look as a diamond on the timeline

Note: you can either add summary task or individual task.