Thursday, November 27, 2014

WBS (Work Break Down Structure) in MS Project 2013 - Part I

WBS is a hierarchically organized representation of all the project work.

Generally, you approach the WBS in Project 2013 from the top down. In other words, you evaluate the entire project and then break it into large chunks, and then break the larger chunks into smaller chunks, and so on, until you have a defined, discrete deliverable. That’s where the WBS stops and project tasks begin. The breaking of WBS deliverables into smaller chunks is known as decomposition.

WBS Codes – to uniquely identify each task in your project we need WBS codes

Task ids shown in figure is not a WBS also when we move tasks in this table then this number changed hence we can not identify uniquely using this.

WBS Codes are stored in the WBS field. By default, they have the same numbers as Outline Codes.

To display WBS Codes you can insert a column in your table and select WBS field.
See post for How to insert a column