Saturday, November 22, 2014

Effort driven task field

The Task Effort is the sum of the Work (hours) of all Work Type resources assigned to a task.

The Effort driven option determines how the effort is calculated as resources are added or removed from a Fixed Units or Fixed Duration task.

When a resource is added or removed from a task, the Task Effort assigned to a task remains constant. Therefore the Work of existing Resources is reduced when a new resource is assigned.

Non Effort Driven - When a resource is added to or removed from a task, the Resource Effort or Work of other resources remains constant. Adding or deleting resources increases or decreases the total task effort and will not change the effort of assigned recourses.

Example You have a task to create a set of architectural drawings with a duration of four weeks, which is how long the task would take one drafter to complete.
Because the task is effort driven, you assign four drafters to the task and Project will schedule the task to be completed in one week. In this case, you click Yes in the Effort Driven field.

Daily meetings can not be effort driven tasks or Reviews can not be effort driven tasks because it do not depend on how many number of people are attending meetings or doing reviews.

Effort driven for tasks is Off by default however we can change this setting from Options.

Steps to set the task as an Effort driven

Task information -> Advanced -> “effort driven” task field.

OR there is another way

Select the task and go to View tab and select “Details” checkbox.
A Detail Pane will appear , and in this Pane we can select “Effort Driven” check box.