Saturday, November 29, 2014

Different places to select a View in MS Project 2013

There are several built-in views MS Project Provides from which we can pick up as and when required.

For example : Gantt chart, Task usage, Team planner, resource sheet

Also there are number of places from where we can pick up the view
i.e. Task tab , Resource tab ,view tab, Status Bar , Quick access toolbar

From status Bar we can choose Gantt chart, Task usage, Team planner, resource sheet

Below picture showing view selection from Task tab.

If the view that you want do not appear in the list, then click on “More views” and a dialog box appear . And from here you can select whatever view you want .

We can also select the views from Quick access toolbar: turn on view

We can also set a view as favorite view [File-> options-> general -> Default view]

Along with built in views we can also customize view and save it so that we can also reuse this customize view. How to create a custom view , I will cover in my next posts.