Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Web service not working in Coldfusion 8

I am using the following code for creating the web service.this code was perfectly working in Coldfusion 7,however not working in Coldfusion 8.
<cfscript> try { ws = CreateObject("webservice", CurrentURL & "IntouchDataService.cfc?wsdl"); } catch (any e) { WriteOutput("Error occured while invoking the Web Service at: "); WriteOutput('<a href="#CurrentURL#IntouchDataService.cfc?wsdl">#CurrentURL#IntouchDataService.cfc?wsdl</a>'); WriteOutput('<hr /><h2>'); WriteOutput(e.message); WriteOutput('</h2><hr />'); WriteOutput(e.detail); WriteOutput('<hr />'); WriteOutput(e.StackTrace); } //</cfscript>
Follwoing error i got:coldfusion.jsp.CompilationFailedException: Errors reported by Java compiler: Found 1 semantic error compiling "E:/ColdFusion8/stubs/WS-2123243560/coldfusion/xml/rpc/": <> *** Semantic Error: A class file was not generated for the type "coldfusion.xml.rpc.CFCInvocationException" because a library method that it depends on was not found. See system messages for more information. Found 1 semantic error compiling "E:/ColdFusion8/stubs/WS-2123243560/com/intouchsupport/www/IntouchDataService/": < 10. public class TestWebServiceLocator extends org.apache.axis.client.Service implements com.intouchsupport.www.IntouchDataService.TestWebSe Also i did lot of googling to solve this issue but no luck. also i found following blog about this issue also and i did the give steps however problem not solved.
right now i do not have any idea about this problem how to solve this.

but i m trying my best for solving this.

Prashant Gupta